Mother of a Mother’s Day

This morning of Mother’s Day 2019, I’m sitting in my kitchen with two of my three children.  Well, one is pacing, one is circling me asking for the store and I’m trying to sweep the floor in between the pacing and circling and two giant dogs.  Sitting sounds nicer and more reflective, so just imagine I’m sitting. That’s what I’m imagining.

This day, this Mother’s Day, is good a good idea, I guess.  It makes those people who don’t appreciate their Mother on a daily basis go through the motions to show an effort of some sort–flowers, cards, or dinner maybe.

I can’t help but be a little cynical though.  One day? One day is all I get? And really, what is it that I get? Flowers–ummm, not yet. A big Thank You for creating me from your body? That is also a not yet.  Or what about…I’ll sweep the floor-it’s your day! Also a  negative.  It’s easy to get caught up in what we are ‘supposed’ to get. We spend every waking moment of our lives orchestrating the lives of these precious children.  We deserve something, right?

Back to reality: any Mother worth her salt knows not to expect any of that. Especially from her children (unless they are grown and then they better get their shit together).  And, deep down, we don’t even really want it.  I believe that most of us Mother’s just want to be seen.  We just want someone to be aware of our efforts.  I don’t even want, “your the greatest Mom in the whole world!”, from anyone.  I really just want, “I see how hard your trying, and I’m behind you.”. Because that’s all any of us Mother’s can do.  Just do our best.

In that vein, I do believe we get what we ask for. And so far today, the best Mother’s Day presents I’ve gotten are from other Mothers.  My dearest and closest friends and family who have texted and said,

“Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest and loving mother!”


“Have a lovely day darling, you really deserve it, Super Mom.”

and my favorite,

“Happy Mother’s Day. You are fucking awesome!”

This. This means the world to me.  Some spectacular Mothers telling me I’m doing a good job.  Thank you my Mom team–Mom support–Mom & friends community.  You see me and I see you too. You guys are fucking awesome!

Pleasanton Goods wishes all you Mother’s a wonderful day.  I see you. I see how hard you are trying.  Keep up the good work–I got your back.





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